OUR PHilosophy

"Good is the enemy of great."



Boxing is the ultimate workout anybody can get. It is a combination of high-level cardio and whole-body strength training. Unlike a typical cardio workout such as running or cycling, it incorporates the entire body movements from your upper body, back, shoulders, core to your legs and is highly variable. Making it multi-functional is essential to keep your motivation intact and build effective and durable lean physique. On top of all the physical benefits, boxing is unquestionably mentally empowering. It will release all negative energy, tensions and will keep your mind sharp.

Pantheon boxing and fitness


We believe that teaching is a key element to reach your full potential. Classes are taught by trained professionals, in high-quality small group formats with a positive mindset.
In order to maximize long term performance, Pantheon supplements your training with offering different types of boxing classes, high intensity interval circuit classes as well as yoga classes. Our goal is to achieve the right balance between physical strength and mental well-being. A healthy mind in a healthy body. Pantheon is the promise to hard work and constant challenges, belong to a community, feel good about yourself and to become unstoppable.